Satisfying your urge of buying attractive and reasonable Brass Urn, Brass Cremation Urn, Pet Urn, Biodegradable Urn, Wood Urn, Keepsake, Heart Keepsake, Planter, Metal Furniture, Candle Holder, Wooden Handicraft and much more. We want long term business relationship with your esteemed organization and never disappoint you with the quality and services...

About Us

Living upto the expectations of customers when they know so much about decoration, art and creativity is difficult. To not just live upto but surpass the expectations of customers, uniqueness and flawlessness must be focused upon completely as these two factors are likely to grab customer's attention and compel them to buy products instantly. Creating unique and flawless decorative artifacts in materials so long lasting and designs never seen is the specialty of Brassworld India.

All varieties of products, from Brass Urn, Brass Cremation Urn, Candle Holder, Copper Utensils, Table Ware Products to Wooden Handicraft, Metal Furniture, Planter and much more, are designed, developed and marketed by us. The foundation of the company was laid in 2005 by Ms. Tarab Ali Siddiqui, a woman with entrepreneurship skills and matchless talent. She is the strength of the company and a guide to all the heads of the company. There are currently 80 skilled employees, handling different tasks so perfectly and making company achieve heights.

Source of Inspiration

For creating decorative and unique artifacts, there is something that we look upon and that something is nothing but our source of inspiration. Yes, we get inspired for making most stunning furniture, handicrafts, urns, nautical items and much more. Our source of inspiration comes from all that we see and all that customers expect from us. From the people, who give us idea if a certain design can be made to the surroundings, all inspires us to create modern and traditional Candle Holder, Metal Furniture and other products.

Elegant and Reasonable Articles

No More Deciding Between Elegance And Reasonable, Get Here Both In A Single Piece

At Brassworld India, we know customers often have to make choices between two different factors while buying products. Neglecting one factor because of the other does not makes sense, so we thought to relieve such customers from the dilemma of choosing elegance over reasonable and reasonable over elegance by designing an elegant range and charging a reasonable amount.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • We use premium grade brass, metal, wood, alloy and other materials for fabrication of longer serving Candle Holder, Metal Furniture and a variety of other products.
  • In a month we produce nearly 1 Lakh products to meet bulk order demands instantly.
  • We are skilled at making fast deliveries in India and abroad.
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